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This Is Waaaarrrr!

Lol, whoops! My bad. It's been eons since I last posted anything worthwhile in here, so who's planning on purchasing "This Is War" or borrow from a friend, or just pilfer it somewhere online, whatever floats your boat??

Also, congrats to 30 STM for making their way into Asia, specifically Singapore...probably getting notice/recognition all around the globe!

Anyway who was lucky enough to be at the Summit or something like that where everyone gathered (the Echelon is it?) and make weird noises for the upcoming album? And who's even luckier to be in their music video for "Kings And Queens?" Hmmm... share your experience/photos please?

Also, have a taste of a high-quality "This Is War" MP3 track...

This Is War -- DOWNLOAD 9.22 MB (192kbps, MP3 format, 6:43)

This track was also featured in the video game: "Dragonage: Origin" or something like that boo, I don't own a X360 :(

Remember do support the band by buying their album and going to their shows!

P/S: What do you guys think of "Kings And Queens?"

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