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23 February 2009 @ 01:17 pm

Ok, I'm out of the loop (always) and I'm pressed for time, what's this about 30STM being sued for $30 million? Aren't they with Virgin now? Anyone can shed some light?

P/S: Sorry if this is rushed or rude or anything at a friend's place now ;)


17 May 2008 @ 04:13 pm

Heeey! I just backtracked this community a bit and saw a whole bunch of icons and stuff, awesome! But keep it to a minimum ok?! :)

I wanted to ask how many SINGAPOREAN FANS are there in this community? Just the other day I heard "From Yesterday" on our (yah I'm Singaporean) local radio but I'm not exactly sure which station? (98.7/95?) Then about 2 weeks ago I heard "The Kill" AND about a MONTH ago I saw a guy with the 30STM tattoo hmm I'm a bad fan cause I don't know what that tattoo is about? It's the one with 4 symbols spanning across, what? Prevohito At Atlum?.

Anyway I assumed 30STM has finally made its way into Asian territory? Or maybe I'm just a late receiver?

17 February 2008 @ 06:40 pm
Oh right, I have been away from the web for a good 3 months now, any news on the band? New album perhaps?
07 December 2007 @ 01:19 pm

I've been M.I.A. not that anyone cares anyway, so I read a couple of entries back and saw ABL video got pushed again? Amazing! So when? I've heard:

Dec 30th 07?
Feb 14th 08?

Maybe some other dates? If the video premiered on the 30th then that would be sort of awesome, cause it's my b'day, but anyway any info?

03 November 2007 @ 03:35 am

I got bored... If anyone cares there's 7 icons for the taking, it lacked variety, style and what else? I don't know! Anyway if you use any of these then comment and give nine_am credits.

Textless icons are not bases though...

Also I forgot to ask, how was your Halloween?

02 November 2007 @ 07:08 pm

I'm compiling a list of websites with interviews of the band or anyone in the band (Jared, Shannon, Tomo and Matt). If you got a site to contribute then reply/comment and I'll edit and update! Thank you!

Just click on a link and it will open up in a new window, so you can continue browsing this Archive/Library. Link to this post can be access from the sidebar menu on your right.

You can also browse through the many posted interviews in this community by using the Tag function, just click on "article," "interview" etc...

I'll also add fansites, if you run a 30STM, Jared, Shannon, etc websites or just want to share a website, let me know and I'll add them the language DOES NOT MATTER all ARE WELCOME.

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02 November 2007 @ 05:42 pm

lilithlotr posted a couple in a previous post, here's some more...

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I know Wikipedia may not be the best source for any latest news, since everyone can just go there and edit whatever the hell they want, but this got my attention...

"During recent live shows, the band has premiered two new songs, one of which may end up on the new album: 'Some Other Son' and 'The Believer,' which were initially written for the self-titled album but was scrapped during recording, as well as live songs such as "Sisters of Heresy" and 'Pressure.'"


A couple of songs has been premiered? I know thirteen posted an MP3 of it, it was nice, but what kind of album name is "Some Other Son?"

And also there's a new member touring with them (for now), Tim Kelleher anyone got any pictures of him?

Ahh! Does anyone knows what happened to MARSTV? Any new episodes or anything?


Source: Wireimage.com / Wikipedia.com

07 October 2007 @ 12:55 am

Jared on the cover of Kerrang. Oct 2007.

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01 October 2007 @ 06:47 am

To 30stmdaily

Date created: 2005-09-04 04:51:46

It has been 2 years since I made this community, it started small with only a couple of members, and then it grew bigger and bigger. I'd like to thank everyone old and new for joining and a special big thank you to lilithlotr for keeping this place in check, and everyone else for keeping this place going... I hope this group will last forever, or at least for as long as 30 Seconds To Mars is out there, touring and making music we all like and enjoy!

Have fun!

17 September 2007 @ 04:54 am

Courtney Love saved Jared Leto from his karaoke hell.

The actor - who is also the lead singer of rock band 30 Seconds to Mars - was made to go on stage to perform a song at a recent party.

Leto admits the supposedly '"fun" experience turned into a nightmare when he forgot the words to the song, and was hopelessly struggling until rocker Love came to his rescue.

The "Fight Club" star told Radio 1: "I was at a party and got on stage to do karaoke. I was forced up and I quickly realized I'd made a mistake because I picked a song that I didn't know any of the words to. It was one of the worst experiences ever, but luckily Courtney got on stage and saved me. She was great."

Source: AZCentral.com